Tom Brennan

Profile Updated: September 29, 2009
Tom Brennan
Residing In: Kansas City, MO USA
Spouse/Partner: Shirley J. (McIntosh) Brennan
Occupation: Sales
Children: Tonya - born 1968
2 - Granddaughters Demi 10 & Sophia 8

Angie - born 1969
3 - Granddaughters More…- Taylor 13 - Ashley 12 & Alexa -6
Military Service: Army  

Our reunions are always fun - It is great to see everyone. I hope everyone can make it in 2010.

We are fortunate to have classmates that are willing to put these reunions together and I thank them very much for their work.

SEE YOU in 2010 --

School Story:

My most vivid memory is the fun several of us had in converting a perfectly good 1940 Buick (Gangster Car) into a convertible. In other words we chopped the top off of that car with a cutting torch.

As I remember this story, we would use the Buick as our hunting car and it was very difficult to get 4 or more people in the car and be able to get a good clear aiming point and shot. Our answer was to remove the top. That way several prople could get in the car and could stand up and have a clear aim and shoot position.

As memory serves, we went to Pete Petersons place to do the actual top removal. Pete was the best cutting torch man in the group and besides it was his equipment so Pete had the honor of making the cut. Those of us in attendance and helping in any way we could were myself, Larry Benson, Bob Jones,
and Larry Schafer

After that we had a blast roaming the countryside in that car. It was used as a hunter transport, and we pulled a car hood behind it, in winter, as a sled.

We almost lost Dave Wagner out the back when an unexpected bump bounced him airborne and only the quick grabbing of his legs kept him from hitting the asphalt.

I may add to this as any memories return. You may remember something also. Let me know.

Done for now.

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Tom Brennan has a birthday today.
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Tom Brennan has a birthday today.
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Tom Brennan has a birthday today.
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